Visas and New Adventures

It has been a crazy few weeks! We came back to Spain, tried to extend our EU visas, failed, and I’m now writing this blog from Ireland. Here’s what happened: We arrived back in Spain on January 2 and dealt with pretty severe jet lag for a few days then hit the ground running. We knew that our Schengen Visa would run out in late … Continue reading Visas and New Adventures

We made it!! (and we love it!)

What a journey! We left Amarillo at 2:20pm on Sunday, flew to DFW and were supposed to have a 2 hour layover before our 9.5 hour flight to Madrid. They discovered a problem with the plane (which we are grateful that they found it there!) and we had to switch gates several times, including 2 terminal changes, at DFW before they found a plane capable of … Continue reading We made it!! (and we love it!)

Sometimes you just have to go for it!

When Gil and I started dating, I found out that he had never seen the ocean.  I, however, love to travel.  So right after Gil proposed to me, he also mailed off a passport application and a few weeks later we had everything we needed to begin dreaming about our travel adventures together. On our honeymoon in Jamaica a few weeks ago, at the age of 32, Gil finally … Continue reading Sometimes you just have to go for it!