Visas and New Adventures

It has been a crazy few weeks! We came back to Spain, tried to extend our EU visas, failed, and I’m now writing this blog from Ireland. Here’s what happened: We arrived back in Spain on January 2 and dealt with pretty severe jet lag for a few days then hit the ground running. We knew that our Schengen Visa would run out in late … Continue reading Visas and New Adventures

Choosing a corner of the world to call home

Since we will be working from home, we are able to choose the city we will live in.  That’s a pretty daunting task for people who have never even been to the country before.  We started by researching dialects and found that the Spanish spoken in Andalucía is the most similar to the Latin American dialects prevalent in the States.  So we had narrowed it … Continue reading Choosing a corner of the world to call home