A frequent flier’s fear of flying

I am scared to death of flying. I also fly more than most people I know, I easily average 25-50 flights per year depending on the year….I have been somewhere on a scale of “managing to keep it together on the surface” to “terrified for my life” on every one of those flights. I’m excited when I book the flight, I’m fine when I’m boarding, I’m calm while … Continue reading A frequent flier’s fear of flying

Visas and New Adventures

It has been a crazy few weeks! We came back to Spain, tried to extend our EU visas, failed, and I’m now writing this blog from Ireland. Here’s what happened: We arrived back in Spain on January 2 and dealt with pretty severe jet lag for a few days then hit the ground running. We knew that our Schengen Visa would run out in late … Continue reading Visas and New Adventures